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Traffic Incident Response Awareness Week, November 14th - 18th
November 13th 2016 by Dee Loflin
Traffic Incident Response Awareness Week, November 14th - 18th

Motorists reminded to move over for responders
Traffic incident response awareness week, Nov. 14-18

Stoddard County, Missouri - Every minute of every day emergency responders across Missouri work tirelessly to help save lives at the scene of traffic incidents. Across the country every year hundreds of emergency responders representing fire, law enforcement, emergency medical services, towing and transportation agencies are struck and either injured or killed while responding. The Federal Highway Administration has declared Nov. 14-18, 2016, as the first national Traffic Incident Response Awareness Week. MoDOT and its partners including the Missouri State Highway Patrol remind motorists to move over for any vehicle with flashing lights on the highway.

MoDOT and the State Patrol work every day to maintain a safe and reliable transportation system for Missourians. Traffic incidents on the roads jeopardize that and therefore MoDOT's emergency response crews work to keep our system moving every day. In an average month, MoDOT emergency crews respond to 5,500 traffic incidents.

"MoDOT and its partners in law enforcement, fire, EMS and the tow industry work together to clear incidents but we need the help of motorists," said MoDOT Chief Engineer Ed Hassinger. "Move over when you see responders on the road and give them extra space to work. They are out there trying to clear the road for you so give them space to work."

Missouri's Move Over law requires drivers to change lanes when approaching MoDOT vehicles, law enforcement vehicles and any other emergency vehicle with lights flashing. If drivers can't change lanes safely, they must slow down as they pass the emergency vehicles.

Article from MoDOT Express Lane.  Photo by ShowMe Times.

Last Updated on November 13th 2016 by Dee Loflin

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