Peter Coutavas Chosen as New Director of IDASC
July 08th 2021 by Dee Loflin
Peter Coutavas Chosen as New Director of IDASC

Bloomfield, MO - Peter Coutavas has been selected as the new Director of the IDASC  

"The purpose of the IDA is to develop, advance, and encourage economic development through the promotion of commercial, industrial, agricultural and manufacturing facilities and tourism in Stoddard County."

Coutavas has been on the Board of Directors for the IDA for 17 years.  He is presently 81 years old and has more energy than most his age.  "I've always worked even since I retired at the age of 50.  I just have so much more to accomplish in my life," commented Coutavas.

He has worked for some major corporations like IBM and General Telephone.  He also served in the Air Force and at the age of 60 he moved to Puxico from New York.  He has served as a city alderman and city mayor for Puxico.

In the evenings you might find him sitting on his porch smoking a cigar and enjoying the "slow" life of southeast Missouri.   

What is the IDASC?  It stands for the Industrial Development Authority of Stoddard County and the office is located at 310 South Prairie St. Bloomfield.  If you would like to check out their website click HERE.

"We have sort of an identity problem in our county," stated Coutavas.  "We need to get the word out!  The Board of Directors has authorized me to spend $40,000 however I see fit.  I have decided to give each of the communities $5,000."

The IDASC receives $1.50 for every ton of garbage dumped at the local landfill.  

"I attended the Essex City Council Meeting and found a young man who wanted to put an American Flag pole up at the fire station at a cost of $1,150.  I felt that to be a great idea!"

The IDASC also has a "Million Dollar Grand Fund" that is allocated based on a cities population.  

Over the next few months more stories will be written about the IDASC.  Coutavas hopes to educate the public on what they do and how they can help businesses and communities in the area!

Last Updated on July 08th 2021 by Dee Loflin

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